Board Of Directors

R.K. Chandwani

With an experience spanning over 45 years, he is one of the founding members of the company. He started his career in pharmaceuticals, then went on to establish this business, which began in the form of a small distilled water manufacturing plant. He brings to the organisation his rich experience and thorough knowledge and understanding of the products, helping it expand its line of products and services and grow manifold.

Rakesh Kumar Gupta

As the founding partner of the company, he too brings along a rich experience of over 45 years in the trading and manufacturing of chemicals. His understanding of the market and client requirements has helped the company establish a leadership position for itself in the industry.

Ravi Wadhwa

Young and dynamic, with 9 years' experience in the filed of chemicals, Ravi brings to the company his modern management skills, effective implementation of lean business processes and a sharp vision for the future.